First post in English: New York’s SOTO!

This is not a post. It’s a tribute to a small restaurant in a big city that exceeds the highest standards in japanese innovative food.

Soto rulz!
Soto rulz!

BTW, Soto won’t receive any review rates from me. It was all perfect.

Okay, let me try to explain it: Soto has no signs at the door. @ Sixth. Avenue near Washington Pl. someone may have some difficulty to find it out. I had. As my bad english is waaaaay better than 90% of NY’s taxi drivers, we spent some precious minutes rounding the restaurant before getting there.

When we arrived there, “Today’s Menu” was the first good impression. Everything was very polished and the huge place with small 7 tables was “crowded” by 10 customers… 😉

After some good decisions for starters, the waiter suggested the Steamed Lobster with Uni Mousse for us. Then I found light, enchantement, blah blah blah… this small dish was simply the best – ever – this goat ever tasted.

Small piece of Great Stuff!
Small piece of Great Stuff!

as you can see, it’s no big deal: Steamed Lobster With Uni Mousse layers of steamed main lobster and uni mousse in lotus wrap garnished with smoked uni and caviar (LOL – great stuff, huh?)

Service was perfect and SOTO has my whole heart forever! Go there plz and tell me if I’m lying! Okay, ratings are nice:


Ambient: 4/5
Services: 5/5
Food: 5/5
Desert: no need 😉

Final Rate: 9,3!

Pricing: $$$$ / 5


Autor: hungrygoat

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