Hungrygoat’s New York Guide: Buddakan Rules!

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Why do people in NYC are trying to hide the best restaurants in crazy places with no signs? Maybe New York has so much demand for good restaurants that some places have got to hide a little and avoid being overcrowded but there’s something about the restaurants in the south of Manhattan that I can’t understand.

Atmosphere: Delivered.
Atmosphere: Delivered.

So here we go again, some minutes with my “all nice and polite” taxi driver and we got to Buddakan. I was really expecting Buddakan to be one of a kind, a place described in NYC as “hot and new”. Buddakan is actually unique. You can’t actually compare the noisy bar in the entrance as any in the other nice restaurants in NYC like TAO or SPICE MARKET. Buddakan spaces have a particular aura instantly transmitted to everyone.

NY high style: "hot and new"
NY high style: "hot and new"

Food was terrific. You must try everything about shrimps when there. The prosecco was still bubbling and the music was getting louder when the “main course” arrived. Again, no mistakes as we found Sweet and Crispy Jumbo Shrimps a new champion.

Simple and perfect desserts menu
Simple and perfect desserts menu

A great surprise was the stunning dessert, the Chocolate Bombe. Buddakan made an impressive presentation with consistent food services in a “hot and new” ambient. All you may want for a Friday night in New York. But please get a good driver to get there.


Ambient: 5/5
Services: 4,5/5
Food: 4,5/5
Desert: 5/5

Final Rate: 9,5!

Pricing: $$$$$ / 5 (yes, but look the rates)


Autor: hungrygoat

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