Burger Joint is all about “Less Is More”

Small sign
Small sign

Think about the best hamburger one city like NY should have. Most of us would think about the fanciest place on Earth, with thousands of options and celebrities. Fifteen years ago, I’d think about Hard Rock Cafe and Twenty years ago I’d say Mc Donald’s (as I’m a goat, I must admit I like Mc, sorry).

It happens that the best burgers in NYC is the smallest place in the hall of a hotel with two options: hamburger or cheeseburger. I ain’t lying: Burger Hoint was considered the best burgers in town by most of the coolest NY magazines (New York Magazine, Times, etc.)

It's just hamburger, I mean cheeseburger.
It's just hamburger, I mean cheeseburger.

The place is Le Parker Meridien Hotel, a nice hotel where I stayed for a week in the last New Year’s Eve. Considering that the other restaurant in there was also considered the best breakfaast in NY, I must say this is a hot place. But we’re here to talk about hamburgers.

The first day I was in Le Parker Meridien, I noticed a huge line in one corner of the lobby. Every single day people stayed there for about an hour and so I finally discovered the hidden gem: Burger Joint. I only went there in the last day of the trip, but it was enough to feel the “aura” of it.

Cheese or no cheese, that’s the question:

Less Is More
Less Is More

Burger Joint is based in simple choices: cheese or no cheese? Light coke or regular one? It makes everything much simpler and it tastes good indeed.

You may also choose how you want it cooked and some optionals as tomato, onions, pickles but that’s it. No more fuzz.

It’s just hamburger, so, as Joss Stone once sang: “Less Is More”.

Burger Joint is a champion!

Le Parker Meridien
119 W. 56th St., New York, NY 10019
nr. Sixth Ave.


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