Top restaurants in New York City

from the cool site Epicurious

Epicurious made another polemic list of New York’s top restaurants, featuring some of the coolest places around. Although I don’t know many places (and I’m happy I’d have to come back to NY to check them out), I think the research was very interesting, so I’m sharing here with you guys:

Start spreading the newsEveryone’s a food critic in New York, but no one knows where to eat. Too many places open and close. Some are hot for a month and then vanish, inexplicably, like a one-hit-wonder pop singer. But a few dozen restaurants do find a groove, and a regular audience, and never need course correction. These are the perennials, the safe bets, the treasured top picks. And, thankfully, there are eateries to match all needs: high-end celebrity chef dining destinations (good luck spotting Thomas Keller or Jean-Georges Vongerichten), budget-sensitive noodle shops, sexy hot spots that never lose their luster (reservations are a must), cozy local favorites, and the classics–where you can find authentic, no-kidding-around lox and bagels, pastrami on rye, or steak. We’ve selected only places that have proven their culinary chops and long-term reliability.

Some of the selected restaurants are: Per Se, Jean Georges, Le Bernardin, Fatty Crab and Balthazar.



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